How Do I Use A Home DNA Test Kit?

Getting a Home DNA Test Kit for Paternity

Home DNA Testing Kits are readily available from TheDNALAB and can help find your paternal and maternal lineage. If you’re thinking about getting a Home DNA Test kit from us, consider the purpose for your testing and whether it is for curiosity or for legal proceedings.

Home DNA Test Kits for Paternity are meant for curiosity testing, and help the participant to find their paternal relatives. Home DNA Test Kits are not meant for any legal purposes. We encourage the use of a Home DNA Test kit for curiosity testing to confirm your biological relations.

What To Do When You Get the Package

A Home DNA Test Kit involves a quick swab of the inside of the participant’s cheek, as well as a swab from the person whom they want to know if they share DNA with. Typically, this means a father or a mother, but sometimes, siblings or grandparents can help this process.

Once you’ve swabbed your cheek, you’ll want to blot the swab on the FTA®card, and then wait for the sample to be fully dry (as much as we need the DNA from your cheek cells, we don’t need the extra saliva!)

The FTA® card is a treated paper (pink in colour) that preserves your DNA sample, and turns white so you know where you’ve applied the sample.

I’ve Swabbed My DNA! What’s Next?

Once the swab is completed, you just need to send it back to us at TheDNALAB, and we take care of the science and biology! This work takes place by our team of experienced scientists in our Guelph, Ontario laboratories. In the lab work, scientists will be able to extract information from your DNA that will help us to provide a report to you.

Once we’ve completed our analysis and have compiled a report, we’ll send you the results by email, mail or fax. If you have more questions or need any assistance with the Home Test Kit, please contact us at TheDNALAB.