Relationship DNA Tests You Can Do At Home

Family is important to many of us and at-home relationship DNA testing can verify biological relationships for a variety of reasons.

Do you want to know if you are related to the people you think you are?

Whatever your reason for testing, a relationship DNA test is a cost-effective way to get your questions answered. With a simple cheek swab, you can have peace of mind about your family relationships.

Simplified DNA Relationship Tests

Quick & Easy Sample Collection
Simply swab the cheek of each person to collect DNA for testing.

Confidential Process
No ID or witness is required. Pick up the kit in person or have a discreet package delivered.

Cost-Effective Results
Save money and hassle with a home paternity test, if you don’t need legal results.

Home DNA Testing in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Order Online
Start by ordering a home DNA Test online. At checkout, you can select the type of at-home test and the number of sample kits you require. You can add supplemental DNA donors to your online order.
Step 2: Receive Kit & Collect Sample
Sample collection kits are shipped in discreet packaging anywhere in Canada, or you can arrange to pick up your kits at any one of our 11 partner locations nationwide. Follow the kit instructions to collect the cheek swab samples.
Step 3: Laboratory Analysis
Ship your DNA samples back to our laboratory using the return envelope provided. Once received at our laboratory, you will receive an email stating that the samples have been received and we will provide you with your anticipated report date. Your samples will be processed in our accredited laboratory, but you will remain anonymous.
Step 4: Report
Receive your confidential results within 5 business days of receipt of samples. Results are delivered via a report that can be sent to you via email, mail, or fax. The report will identify the probability of paternity, maternity, or family relation by percentage. Please be advised that the names of the participants WILL NOT be listed on the report as there is no verification of identity.

Order a Relationship DNA Test online and receive results within 5 business days of sample receipt.

Types of Home Relationship DNA Tests

Twins DNA Test

Determine whether twins are identical or fraternal. A few reasons for completing a home twins DNA test include curiosity about being identical or fraternal, or to discover compatibility for organ or bone marrow donation. Identical twins share the same DNA profile. Fraternal twins are reported the same as full siblings would be.

Sibling DNA Test

A sibling DNA test can provide peace of mind to individuals who are unsure about their biological relationship with their alleged siblings. Sibling DNA testing is a test that can be done to confirm the biological relationship between two people who are alleged to be siblings. The test can verify if they are full siblings, half-siblings, or not siblings at all.

Grandparentage DNA Test

Get clarity if you are indeed the grandparents of your grandchild or grandchildren. This test uses samples from the grandmother, grandfather, grandchild and mother to confirm the accuracy of grandparentage. Biological grandchildren have an average of 25% of their DNA from each grandparent.

Aunt & Uncle DNA Test

Also known as ‘avuncular’ testing, aunts and uncles are often tested to verify extended family relationships when the biological parents are deceased or otherwise not available for testing. The results will show the probability of a relationship between the people tested.

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“I enjoyed the service and swift response to emails and enquiries. The customer experience is WOW! Thank you!!!”

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Percent of DNA Shared by Family Members

Relationship DNA Shared Results Reported As
Parent / Child 50% Probability of Paternity / Maternity:
99.95% and higher (or 0%)
Grandparent / Grandchild Avg. 25% Likelihood of Relatedness (%)
Full Aunt / Uncle of Nephew / Niece 25% Likelihood of Relatedness (%)
Half Aunt / Uncle of Nephew / Niece Avg. 12.5% Likelihood of Relatedness (%)
Identical Twins 100% Identical vs. Fraternal Twins (full sibling)
Full Sibling Avg. 50% Likelihood of Full Sibship (%)
Half Sibling 25% Likelihood of Half Sibship (%)

Do you have questions about Home DNA tests?

Order a Relationship DNA Test online and receive results within 5 business days.