Immigration DNA Test FAQs

Who is required to submit a sample for immigration DNA testing?

The Embassy/Consulate or Citizenship Office will issue a letter identifying which relationships are to be verified. We require a DNA sample from each person listed in the letter you receive from the Embassy/Consulate or Citizenship Office.

How do I provide a sample for DNA analysis?

For immigration DNA testing, we will set up a sample collection appointment for each person to be tested in Canada. For individuals with an overseas collection, we will request a DNA collection appointment booking. For both the sponsor (typically in Canada) and each applicant (typically overseas), an authorized collector will verify the donor’s identity and collect the mouth cheek swab. The DNA sample is collected by rubbing a soft swab on the inside of the mouth cheek. It is a pain-free, routine procedure, gentle enough for a newborn baby.

How long does Immigration DNA testing take?

The DNA Lab takes pride in a 5 business day (or less) turnaround time starting once all samples are received and full payment provided. Please note that while we request the appointment booking of individuals for overseas collections, we have no control over the timing of overseas sampling as required by IRCC and we are unable to start our testing until we have received all samples.

Why are we being asked to test both parents when immigration is only questioning one relationship?

The reason this is recommended is that half a person’s DNA comes from their biological mother and the remaining half comes from their biological father. By comparing the mother’s DNA with the child’s DNA it will help to determine which half came from the mother and therefore which half must have come from the biological father. Including the mother will typically produce a more conclusive result. In rare circumstances, not testing the mother can produce an inconclusive result.

What types of identification will my relatives or I need to submit at the time of testing?

The Canadian sponsor will need to provide two government issued identifications (including one valid government issued photo identification). A recent passport photo is required and it is to be submitted at the time of the sample collection (this photo will not be returned). A Certificate of Consent form will need to be completed for each donor. The Canadian sponsor will also need to complete a Release and Consent form. For each applicant overseas, he or she must also submit a recent passport photo along with any government issued document(s) that will prove identity.

How can I ensure that my samples, or the samples from my applicant, will not be tampered with?

Only clinics or agents authorized by the Embassy will collect the DNA samples overseas. In many cases, a government officer will be assigned to collect the sample. An Embassy officer will witness the sample collection and they are generally in charge of sealing and shipping the samples. In Canada, the sample collection is completed at one of 250+ authorized DNA collection locations by a trained DNA collector. These sites are required to follow The DNA Lab specific protocols that ensure all samples are identified, collected properly, sealed and secured. Upon receipt at The DNA Lab, all packages will be inspected to ensure that there is no evidence of package tampering. If there is any concern regarding the integrity of the DNA samples, we will request a re-collection of the DNA sample.

What is your refund policy?

If you change your mind about your order, and samples have not yet been received at the laboratory, a refund can be provided. For legal or immigration testing, half of the total case fee will be refunded.

IRCC-Approved Immigration DNA Testing in 5 Steps

Step 1: Call Us to Book
Call us at 1.877.706.7678 to discuss your specific requirements with one of our DNA representatives.
Step 2: Pay Invoice
After we speak to you on the phone, our representatives will provide you with an invoice. You can pay online for the DNA analysis process.
Step 3: Appointment Confirmation
The DNA Lab will schedule your DNA sample collection appointments with third-party identity verification.
Step 4: Sample Collection
DNA samples will be collected and sent to our laboratory for analysis following strict chain of custody protocols.
Step 5: Reports
Clients, and their legal representative, will receive a report of results within 5 business days after all DNA samples are received at The DNA Lab.

Discuss your specific requirements with one of our representatives.