Results from a DNA test can be used as evidence in a court of law. If you’re considering DNA testing for a legal proceeding, we recommend that you contact us about our legal DNA testing services. The DNA Lab will coordinate and schedule your DNA sample collection appointments to make the process quick and easy. We use the latest technology and our results are admissible in court.
  • Cost-effective, all-inclusive pricing
  • Over 300 authorized sample collection locations across Canada
  • Fast results, within 5 business days of sample receipt
  • SCC-Accredited Laboratory that meets international DNA testing standards

Legal DNA Testing in 5 Straightforward Steps

Step 1: Call Us to Book
Call us at 1-877-706-7678 to discuss your specific requirements with one of our Customer Service Representatives.
Step 2: Appointment Confirmation
The DNA lab will schedule your DNA sample collection appointments with conveniently located third-party sites which will include identification verification.
Step 3: Sample Collection
DNA samples will be collected and sent to our laboratory for analysis following strict chain of custody protocols.
Step 4: Pay Invoice
Once we have received your DNA sample, we will then process the payment and send you a copy of your paid invoice.
Step 5: Reports
Once the samples have been received at the laboratory, the clients and/or their representatives will receive an email advising them of the report date (within 5 business days).

Types of Legal DNA Tests

Legal Paternity Test

A paternity test is a DNA test that helps to establish the biological father of a child. In many cases, paternity tests are used to determine child support and custody arrangements. In this situation, you would require a legal paternity DNA test.

Legal Maternity Test

Legal maternity tests are DNA tests that are performed in order to establish the biological mother of a child. These tests can be used in a variety of legal situations, such as child support disputes or custody battles. In this situation, you would require a legal maternity DNA test.

Legal Indigenous & Metis DNA Testing

To qualify for a Certificate of Indian Status Identity Card (to be exempt from Harmonized Sales Tax) in Canada, legal paternity, maternity, or other relationship-based DNA tests are sometimes required to confirm your lineage to a person who has already had their Indian status verified. Contact us to determine which relationship to test, and to order a legal DNA test with legally admissible documentation.

Our laboratory is SCC-Accredited
The SCC Accreditation Symbol is an official symbol of Standards Council of Canada, used under license. Choosing an accredited laboratory is the best way for you to ensure that your test results are reliable. The DNA Lab is a division of Bureau Veritas, the accredited lab of choice for Métis and Indigenous status DNA testing in Canada.

“The DNA Lab truly helped relieve a lot of stress of this entire process, for which I am greatly appreciative for.”

“I got in contact with The DNA Lab to get a legal paternal test done. The staff were extremely helpful in connecting me to the closest lab location and even assisted me with finding a lab location that was closest to my mother, who lives outside of the lower-mainland. I am very pleased with the level of professionalism and patience of the staff. Once the samples were received, the lab provided me with the results in a very timely manner. I was very surprised by the ease of the process and the speed of the process. The DNA Lab truly helped relieve a lot of stress of this entire process, for which I am greatly appreciative for.”

- Alex

Home DNA Tests VS Legal DNA Tests

There are two types of DNA tests: home tests and legal tests. It’s important to know which type of test you require before you place your order.

Home DNA Tests

Samples for a home DNA test can be collected in private, and are sent to our laboratory without verifying the identity of the person providing the sample. This means that no photo ID or witnesses are required for this type of test. Please be advised that the names of the participants WILL NOT be listed on the report as there is no verification of identity. At-home DNA tests are intended for those who are ‘curious’ about their biological relationships and don’t intend on using the results for legal purposes. At-home DNA tests cannot be turned into legal DNA tests at a later time.

Legal DNA Tests

Legal DNA testing is recommended when it is likely that the results will be used in legal proceedings. DNA collection appointments are booked by calling our office at 1-877-706-7678. These appointments will take place at one of our 300 authorized sample collection locations or via mobile collectors following strict chain of custody protocols.

Home DNA Tests Legal DNA Tests
DNA sample collection kits mailed to your home/other address(es)
Analysis conducted in Bureau Veritas fully SCC-accredited laboratory
Expert customer service representatives to answer your questions
For use in family court/legal proceedings, if desired
Sample collection appointments scheduled with an authorized location for each person being tested
Photo ID must be presented to verify the identity of each person being tested
Results ready within 5 business days
Receive confidential report by email, mail, or fax
All-inclusive, competitive price
Can accept a non-standard sample if cheek swab not available
Expert court testimony available (surcharge applies)
Names of individuals will be listed in the report
DNA profiles are not provided with our reports to protect individual privacy

We can help you determine which test is right for you. Speak with a representative today.