In many cases, paternity tests are used to determine child support and custody arrangements. However, there are many other reasons why someone might need to take a paternity test, including peace of mind. No matter the reason, a legal paternity DNA test can help you get the answers you need.

Quick & Easy Sample Collection
DNA samples consist of a simple cheek swab completed at an authorized sample location.

Convenient Process
We book sample collection appointments for you at any of our 300 authorized sample collection locations across Canada.

The test results and reports provided can be used in family court or other legal proceedings.

At-home DNA tests cannot be upgraded to a legal test as the chain of custody procedure needs to be followed for a paternity test to be legally binding.

Legal DNA Testing in 5 Straightforward Steps

Step 1: Call Us to Book
Call us at 1-877-706-7678 to discuss your specific requirements with one of our DNA representatives.
Step 2: Appointment Confirmation
The DNA lab will schedule your DNA sample collection appointments with conveniently located third-party sites which will include identification verification.
Step 3: Sample Collection
DNA samples will be collected and sent to our laboratory for analysis following strict chain of custody protocols.
Step 4: Pay Invoice
Once we have received your DNA sample, we will then process the payment and send you a copy of your paid invoice.
Step 5: Reports
Clients, and their legal representative, will receive a report of results within 5 business days after all DNA samples are received at The DNA Lab.

Trusted Results from The DNA Lab

The DNA Lab is a division of Bureau Veritas, the largest scientific testing company in Canada. All DNA samples sent to The DNA Lab are analyzed by our experienced scientists in our Guelph, Ontario DNA Laboratory.

Our laboratory is SCC-Accredited.
The SCC Accreditation Symbol is an official symbol of Standards Council of Canada, used under license. Choosing an accredited laboratory is the best way for you to ensure that your test results are reliable. Bureau Veritas is the accredited lab of choice for Métis and Indigenous status DNA testing in Canada.

Reasons To Complete a Legal Paternity Test

Legal DNA Paternity Tests are required when the results of a paternity test need to be admitted in court. The process for a legal DNA test is different than for a home paternity test. The participant’s samples must be collected at one of our collection facilities or through a mobile collection by one of our professionals. The participant’s identity must be verified with government ID. This process helps to ensure that the results of the paternity test are admissible in court.

Legal DNA Paternity Tests can be an important tool in determining paternity. If you have any questions about Legal DNA Paternity Tests, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

The Importance of Legal Paternity DNA Testing in Obtaining Benefits for a Child in Canada

A legal paternity DNA test can assist in obtaining all entitled benefits for a child from both parents, including life insurance, health care, social security, and child support.

In terms of Canadian Tax Laws, a legal paternity test is valuable in providing evidence of paternity for an individual not listed on the child’s birth certificate. Once parentage is established, the child can be claimed as a dependent and qualify for the Canada Child Benefit (CCB), if the individual is the primary caregiver for the child.

Each province/territory also has a child tax benefit that the parent may be eligible to receive. Visit the Canadian Revenue Agency’s website for more information.

Establish Rights to an Inheritance

When it comes to inheritance, the legalities can be complicated. In order to ensure that you receive what is rightfully yours, a legal DNA test can be extremely helpful. This type of test can help to establish your identity and prove your, or your child’s, relationship to the deceased, both of which are essential in order to claim an inheritance.

A legal DNA test can also help to resolve any disputed claims. If there are multiple people claiming the same inheritance, a DNA test can provide conclusive proof as to who is entitled to receive it.

Obtaining Custody of a Child

Custody battles can be emotionally charged and difficult to navigate. In some cases, one parent may try to claim that the other parent is not the child’s biological parent in order to gain an advantage in the proceedings. A legal paternity DNA test can help to resolve these disputes by providing definitive proof of parentage.

In Canada, these tests are typically conducted by an accredited laboratory, such as The DNA Lab, and must be ordered by a court or government agency. The results of the test can be used to determine custody arrangements. By ordering a legal DNA test, parents can ensure that they are making decisions based on facts, rather than assumptions.

Be Added to the Birth Certificate of a Child

A legal DNA test can help a person get added to the birth certificate of a child in Canada. The test can confirm the identity of the father and help to establish paternity. Once paternity is established, the father can then apply to have his name added to the child’s birth certificate.

A legal paternity DNA test can help to ensure that the child’s birth certificate accurately reflects their parentage. As a result, it can play an important role in ensuring that the child has a complete and accurate record of their family history.

Discuss your specific requirements with one of our representatives.