The Importance of Accreditation

DNA testing is a complex process that requires highly trained personnel and high-quality equipment. Although DNA testing services are not regulated in Canada, choosing an accredited laboratory is the best way for clients to ensure that their test results are reliable.

The Accreditation Process

The process of becoming accredited is rigorous and involves an audit by third party recognized experts. DNA testing accreditation standards cover all aspects of a laboratory’s operation, which include an evaluation of quality assurance and the expertise of personnel. Voluntary laboratory accreditation demonstrates a commitment to quality and provides clients with the peace of mind that their test results are accurate.

When choosing a DNA testing service in Canada, always look for the accredited laboratory logo.

The SCC Accreditation Symbol is an official symbol of Standards Council of Canada, used under license.

The DNA Lab - A Division of Bureau Veritas

The DNA Lab is the largest and most experienced private DNA Laboratory in Canada, and was founded in 1998 under Maxxam Analytics Inc., now Bureau Veritas (BV Labs).

The Bureau Veritas Guelph DNA Laboratory became the first laboratory in Canada to be accredited under the forensic testing guidelines of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), meeting ISO17025 requirements.

To ensure that our testing and documentation procedures and policies continue to meet international and national standards, Bureau Veritas undergoes on-site reassessment every two years.

Since becoming accredited in 2000, Bureau Veritas has been the sole provider of forensic DNA testing services to the RCMP under the provision of a Standing Offer. In total, Bureau Veritas has worked with over 350 law enforcement agencies across Canada.

State-of-the-Art PCR-Based Technology
Bureau Veritas uses state-of-the-art PCR-based technology and facilities to conduct DNA testing that meets the international standards required of forensic laboratories for criminal casework analysis. In addition, each member of Bureau Veritas team of forensic scientists has years of valuable experience and significant expertise in their field. Our scientists are often called as expert witnesses in court cases.

We Make DNA Testing Simple

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Fast Results
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