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Helpful Hints

When you order, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Your complete contact information.
  • Credit card number and expiry date.
  • We also accept money order or certified cheque payable to “Bureau Veritas Laboratories”.

To book a legally admissible test, you will also need to provide the following:

  • Complete contact information for each person being tested.
  • Legal advisor(s) contact information, if applicable.
  • Court date (if known).

When you choose a Legal paternity test, Immigration DNA test or other legally admissible DNA test, you will have to visit one of BV Labs certified sample collection facilities to have your DNA sample collected. You will also need to bring identification documents with you to be verified by an authorized third party.

For your convenience, sample collection appointments can usually be booked within 24 to 48 hours.

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