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A Real Case of DNA Fraud

Danielle Morris, a woman from the UK, claimed that entertainer and impersonator, Jamie Somers, was her daughter’s paternal father.

Danielle claimed that Jamie is the father of infant, Darcy Lily Morris Somers. This claim cost Jamie his time, his commitment, and £7000. The claim, however, was backed by a fake Home DNA Test Kit.

The Original Home DNA Test

Danielle was insistent that Jamie take a DNA test to prove he was Darcy’s father. Although Danielle and Jamie had sexual encounters, he never had any reason to believe he was Darcy’s biological father. Nevertheless, Jamie agreed to DNA testing and completed the kit Danielle provided him. Danielle supposedly sent off the completed test kit to a DNA facility. As time went on, there was no conclusion to the DNA test—at least nothing that Jamie had seen.

The test Danielle had sent off to be analyzed never came back, and there was no proof (in written statements or via phone calls) that Jamie was indeed Darcy’s father. In the meantime, Jamie took on a role in Darcy’s life for 11 months, making child support payments to Danielle, taking Darcy for part of the week, and even making his home child-friendly. He went as far as having her name tattooed on his arm, and Danielle made sure she placed Jamie’s name on Darcy’s birth certificate. But Jamie grew suspicious while spending time and money on Darcy. Was Darcy actually his daughter?

The Need for Legal Paternity Test Results

After a while, Jamie’s suspicions could not be silenced. This compelled him to take a Legal Paternity Test. With these test results, suspicions were put to rest.

Jamie’s Legal Test results prove that he does not share any DNA with Darcy. Danielle’s original DNA test claims and Jamie’s outpouring of money now have her facing charges of fraud in UK courts.

legal paternity father and childA Legal Paternity Test Matters

When it comes to paternity, cases of fraud can occasionally happen. Although it is not often, there are people like Danielle. People who scam men into thinking they are the biological father of a child from a one-off sexual encounter and reap the benefits of money and support. In cases where paternity is fraudulent and fabricated by the mother, the claim not only costs the supposed father time and money, but can it can be emotional for all parties involved. In Jamie’s case, he spent money and time to build a relationship with little Darcy. He restructured his life and encountered the fraudulent claims while he was planning his wedding to his fiancée. The claims of paternity certainly put a twist on his life.

For those who are also questioning the results of a DNA test for matters like child support and parenting, the only way to be certain is to take an additional Legal Paternity Test that is approved by the government.

Although Danielle used a DNA test kit, the kit is dismissible because of a few reasons:

  • The test results were never shown as a report from a testing facility
  • The test was a curiosity test, meaning the results cannot be used in any legal manner. The only way to have someone paying child support is to have a Legal Paternity Test that proves a biological link to a child.

Getting a Legal Paternity Test in Canada

Curiosity paternity tests are perfect to use if you want peace of mind about a biological link between a child and father or your own paternal link. However, if there is any chance that the results will be used in Family Court or other legal proceedings, we strongly urge you to take action and book a Legal Paternity Test.

TheDNALAB has over 450 accredited locations for Legal DNA Test collections across Canada.

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When you schedule for a Legal Paternity Test at one of these locations, one of our authorized agents will collect your DNA sample. A DNALAB agent will collect your sample using strict identity and chain of custody protocols. The sample is then sent to our Canadian laboratory for analysis. The analysis will be sent to you and to any legal representatives involved. This confidential analysis and report will be sent in approximately 3-5 business days after all the specimens are received at the laboratory. Reports are recognized in a court of law and are important for cases of child support, legal benefits, custody and inheritance.


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