DNA Testing Results In A Sense of Belonging

DNA Testing can do more than settle legal cases and crimes. Often, people will use a DNA Test Kit out of curiosity to find their family members and to gain a sense of belonging in the world.

Why Do You Want A DNA Test?

Being curious about where we come from is quite human. We want to build connections to people that make us who we are. DNA Testing can help those who are curious to find out who their parents are and who their siblings are.

Adoption and DNA Testing For Answers

Adoption tends to be one of the cases where DNA Testing is essential to having answers. Although birth records, written and visual documentation, and information that is told verbally can help uncover relationships, there are some special cases where there needs to be more investigation.

Sometimes with adoption cases, the adoptive families lose communication with the biological parents, birth records are incorrect or not available, or the biological parents have stayed off the map for a number of years.

The Reality of DNA Testing Results

The TLC show, Long Lost Family, shows the importance of DNA testing when it comes to finding family members in cases of adoption or in cases where curiosity needs to be put to rest.

The hour-long show gives viewers a glimpse into what DNA Testing can do for individuals and families. It can tie up loose ends, fill in the missing links in heritage, reconnect loved ones, and it can uncover secrets that would otherwise be unknown.

DNA Testing at TheDNALab

Despite popular belief, DNA Testing isn’t limited to paternal tests either! There are tests for maternity, siblings, aunts/uncles, and grandparents, which can all be accessed through the help of TheDNALab.

Just knowing how many people can be reconnected and develop a sense of belonging from DNA Testing and searching, gives us at TheDNALab a lot of pride in our work.

Whether it is finding a mother, father, sibling or another relative, DNA Testing can bring you the answers you need.

To get a curiosity DNA Test Kit, check out the Curiosity Testing section on our website or contact us for more information.