Are At-Home Paternity Tests Accurate?

Facing uncertainty about a child’s biological father can place immense emotional strain on anyone. At The DNA Lab, we understand the importance of resolving these doubts with both compassion and precision. At-home paternity testing through our SCC (Standards Council of Canada) accredited lab can provide you with accurate and confidential results within 5 business days. Continue reading for more information about at-home paternity testing.

How Accurate are At-Home Paternity Tests?

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The DNA Lab ensures accuracy and reliability as part of our At-Home Paternity Tests. Using advanced genetic testing techniques, our at-home paternity tests are over 99% accurate, mirroring the standards applied to legal paternity tests. Our laboratory was the first private DNA lab in Canada to receive accreditation from the SCC, a testament to our commitment to delivering results that you can trust.

What is the Difference Between At-Home Paternity Tests and Legal Paternity Tests?

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Legal Paternity Tests are conducted under strict conditions, requiring a third-party witness to oversee the DNA collection process, which ensures the results are admissible in court for cases such as custody disputes or child support.

At-home paternity tests are designed for personal knowledge, offering the same high level of accuracy without the need for a witness, making them ideal for individuals seeking answers in a more private setting. At-home paternity tests are convenient, private, and easy to administer in the comfort of your home.

Why Take an At-Home Paternity Test?

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Opting for an at-home paternity test offers a unique blend of privacy, affordability, and the pursuit of truth, making it a preferred choice for many people seeking answers. It allows individuals to remain anonymous and discreetly take the test without involving or alerting the other parent.

We also offer At-Home Maternity Tests and At-Home Relationship Tests to verify meaningful biological relationships. At-home DNA tests are a great resource for adopted individuals who are looking to take the first steps into confirming biological relationships. Similarly, grandparents with doubts about their grandchild’s paternity can confirm their biological connection.

The DNA Lab provides more than just at-home DNA tests; we provide a trusted service tailored to meet your needs. With a legacy of trust, a commitment to accuracy, and a focus on confidentiality, we invite you to order your at-home paternity test today. Take the first step towards peace of mind and clarity in your personal journey with The DNA Lab, where your privacy and the quest for truth are our top priorities.