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Order your Curiosity DNA Collection Kit From TheDNALAB Today!

A Curiosity DNA Collection Kit, also known as a Home DNA Test Kit, is available for you to order through TheDNALAB website. A Curiosity DNA Collection Kit is used for curiosity purposes ONLY and cannot be used for legal matters. For more information about Legal DNA Test Kits, please check out our Legal DNA Testing pages.

Who Must Be Involved In A Curiosity DNA Test?

The Curiosity DNA Collection Kit requires samples from a minimum of two people — for example: one child and one alleged parent for a paternity or maternity test. Most standard paternity kits, however, are completed with three people involved: the child, the mother and the alleged father.

A Curiosity DNA Collection Kit comes with 3 DNA Donor Envelopes. There is one for each person to complete in accordance with the instructions included. Once completed, you’ll need to send the kit back to TheDNALAB so the samples can be analyzed in our laboratory. The results of the Curiosity DNA Test will be given to you confidentially by email, fax or mail within 5 business days after all DNA samples are received at TheDNALAB.

Additional Participants of the DNA Test

If you are testing more than one child, or more than one alleged father you must also purchase an Additional DNA Donor Envelope (one per each additional child or possible parent). Additional DNA Donor Envelopes work the same as the envelopes in the Curiosity DNA Collection Kit.

Home Collection Demonstration Video

Need help using your Curiosity DNA Testing Kit? Please enjoy our short instructional video that will guide you on how to properly collect and label your samples.

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Should you have additional questions regarding how to use a Curiosity DNA Collection Kit, how to use an Additional Donor Envelope, or if your DNA testing situation is more complicated, please contact TheDNALAB. One of our accredited professionals will guide you to the information you need and the people you need to get in contact with..

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