Curiosity DNA Testing Kit


A standard curiosity test requires samples from at least two people, but is most commonly conducted with three: one mother, one child and one alleged father.

Tests can be completed with one child and one father or one child and one mother. For more complicated situations, please call our customer service line at 1-877-706-7678 for advice on kit selection.

TheDNALab’s Curiosity DNA Collection Kit includes 3 DNA donor envelopes (one each for the mother, child and alleged father) plus Sample Collection Instructions for a Curiosity DNA test.

Please note: If you want to test more than one child or more than one alleged father at the same time (recommended), you must purchase two items:

  • 1 Curiosity DNA Collection Kit ($249)
  • 1 Additional DNA Donor ($100) for each additional child or additional alleged father


A standard home Curiosity DNA Testing Kit includes 3 DNA donor envelopes plus a sample collection instruction sheet. The person whose DNA is being collected is called the “donor”.

1 donor envelope contains:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Foam-tipped applicator
  • Foil envelope
  • FTA MicroCard
  • PillowPak/dessicant

When the Home DNA Test Kit is received at TheDNALAB, the DNA samples will be processed in the laboratory the same way as DNA samples in Legal DNA Testing; however, the identities of the people being tested are not third-party verified and the samples are not tracked prior to their arrival at TheDNALAB. Therefore, the results of a Curiosity Test are intended for personal use only.