Additional DNA Donor


A standard curiosity test requires samples from at least two people, but is most commonly conducted with three: one mother, one child and one alleged father.

Please note: If you want to test more than one child or more than one alleged father at the same time (recommended), you must purchase an Additional DNA Donor ($100) for each additional child or additional alleged father in addition to the Curiosity DNA Collection Kit ($249).

Please note: this Additional DNA Donor Envelope cannot be used without the Curiosity DNA Collection Kit.




An Extra DNA Donor Envelope includes supplies for one additional DNA collection plus a Sample Collection instruction sheet. The person whose DNA is being collected is called the “donor”.

1 donor envelope contains:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Foam-tipped applicator
  • Foil envelope
  • FTA MicroCard
  • PillowPak/dessicant

When the Home DNA Test Kit is received at TheDNALAB, the DNA samples will be processed in the laboratory the same way as DNA samples in Legal DNA Testing; however, the identities of the people being tested are not third-party verified and the samples are not tracked prior to their arrival at TheDNALAB. Therefore, the results of a Curiosity Test are intended for personal use only.

How it works:
Sample Collection Instructions for a Curiosity DNA Test