DNA Paternity Testing

A paternity test helps determine whether the adult being tested is the biological father of the child or children. A standard paternity test also includes obtaining a DNA sample from the mother, if available. Testing the mother’s DNA is best because it allows us to report a higher probability of paternity (≥99.95%). Although the mother’s participation is recommended, a paternity test may also be conclusive without testing a DNA sample from the mother.

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Standard DNA samples are collected by gently rubbing a soft sponge on the inside of your cheek. The process is non-invasive, quick and gentle enough for newborns.
For a regular paternity test, separate samples must be compared for each child and the alleged father(s).

The science:

A paternity test compares the DNA of the alleged father and child/children to determine if their DNA matches at 50% (children inherit 50% of their DNA from each parent).

If the DNA from the alleged father does not match the DNA from the child, the alleged father is excluded as the biological father, reporting a 0% probability of paternity.

When the DNA does match, then the alleged father is concluded to be the biological father of the child, typically at a minimum probability of paternity of 99.95% or higher.

Learn the differences in Curiosity vs. Legal DNA testing.

Home DNA Testing in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Order

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Step 2: Collection

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Step 3: Analysis

DNA samples are sent to our laboratory for analysis.

Step 4: Reports

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Home Collection Demonstration Video

Need help using your Curiosity DNA Testing Kit? Please enjoy our short instructional video that will guide you on how to properly collect and label your samples.

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