Legal DNA Testing

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TheDNALAB recommends our Legal DNA testing when it is likely that the results will be used in Family Court or other legal proceedings.
When a decision is made to proceed with Legal DNA testing, contact information is collected for each person being tested so that appointments can be scheduled
at one of our 450+ authorized sample collection locations or via mobile collection units – often within 24 to 48 hours.

Legal DNA Testing in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Call

Call us (1.877.706.7678) to discuss your specific requirements with one of our experts.

Step 2: Order

Pay for the DNA analysis that is required to complete your immigration DNA testing.

Step 3: Schedule

The DNALab will co-ordinate & schedule DNA sample collection appointments with third-party identity verification.

Step 4: Collect

DNA samples are collected and sent following strict “chain of custody protocols” to our laboratory for analysis.

Step 5: Reports

Clients (and their legal representative(s)) receive a confidential report with accurate and reliable results within 5 business days after all DNA samples are received at the DNALab.


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