Which test is right for you?

Do you need a Home DNA Test or Legal DNA Test?

Each DNA test can be conducted as a “Curiosity” (home DNA test) or “Legal” test. We always recommend that you obtain a Legal DNA test if there is any chance that the results will be contested in a court of law. Given the rigorous protocols we use for Legal DNA tests, we are not able to ‘upgrade’ a Curiosity test to a Legal test – they are two completely separate processes.

DNA test

Comparison of TheDNALAB’s Curiosity vs. Legal DNA tests

  Curiosity Legal
DNA sample collection kits mailed to your home/other address(es) 
Analysis conducted in Maxxam’s fully accredited laboratory  
Expert customer service representatives to answer your questions  
For use in Family Court/legal proceedings, if desired 
Sample collection appointments scheduled with authorized location for each person being tested 
Photo ID must be presented to verify identity of each person being tested 
Results ready within 5 business days  
Receive confidential report by email, mail or fax  
All-inclusive, competitive price  
Can accept a non-standard sample if cheek swab not available  
Expert Court Testimony available (surcharge applies) 

It’s important to find out if you need a Home DNA Test or Legal DNA Test.

DNA samples for Home DNA Curiosity tests are collected in the privacy of your own home and samples are sent to our laboratory without verifying the identity of the person providing the sample. Curiosity at-home DNA tests are intended for those who are ‘curious’ about their biological relationships and don’t intend on using the results for legal purposes.

Legal DNA testing is recommended when it is likely that the results will be used in Family Court or other legal proceedings. When a decision is made to proceed with Legal DNA testing, contact information is collected for each person being tested so that appointments can be scheduled at one of our 450+ authorized sample collection locations or via mobile collection units – often within 24 to 48 hours.