DNA Testing for Immigration to Canada

DNA testing may be used to verify biological relationships among family members as part of an application to immigrate to Canada. Whether you need help in testing a family member overseas or testing a sponsor here in Canada, we are ready to help you understand the process and to provide reliable results that are accepted by Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC). TheDNALAB, a division of Maxxam Analytics, is one of a select few companies chosen by CIC to conduct DNA tests for immigration purposes.

What we deliver:

Expertise: With the largest private DNA laboratory in Canada, our highly skilled DNA customer service and laboratory specialists, are at your service. Since 2000, we have received immigration DNA samples from over 100 countries worldwide and we have strong relationships with all international embassies and consulates.

Convenience: We will arrange sample collection for local sponsor(s) at any one of over 450 authorized collection sites throughout Canada. We also coordinate the overseas DNA sample collection for all applicants. Reports are delivered directly to the appropriate Immigration Office(s), Sponsors and/or Legal Counsel.

No hidden costs: Competitively-priced, all-inclusive pricing.

Privacy: All client information is protected under stringent Canadian Federal and Provincial Privacy Laws.

Timely Service: Results ready within 3 to 5 business days after receipt of all samples.

Call us when you are ready to proceed: 1.877.706.7678

Before you call, make sure you have:

  1. A copy of your Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) letter or Canadian High Commission (CHC) letter requesting DNA testing. (It includes your unique client ID).
  2. Lawyer or immigration consultant information (if applicable)
  3. Each applicant’s contact details (to enable us to coordinate Canadian and overseas sample collection appointments).
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